Tuesday, May 12, 2009


First I will start with an update.

I am doing well. My world has gone a bit topsy turby, but all will be fine. My God is a God of details, and while I was going crazy, on emotional overdrive, He was working through me to reach people in my life. AMAZING!

Purity is the name, and my life has once again gone insane...just kidding. See I am supposed to talk about purity this Friday at our iGroups (clever...huh). Well purity is one hard subject for me to talk about. It's something that the devil tries to ensnare me in everywhere I turn. God has laid it on my heart to speak on this subject, and a very wise person told me that I will learn as I plan to teach. I AM.

I will summarize what I have encountered, and what I will talk about, in one sentence: Purity of the mind, heart, soul, and body.

Pray that I will listen to God's counsel on this matter, and what He would want me to say.

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